Parental Involvement

Sunrise Christian School invites and strongly encourages parents to be involved in the life of the School. The Bible (and also Scottish Law) states that education is the responsibility of the parents, therefore it is our desire that parents, though they have delegated a portion of that responsibility to us, be as involved in the School as possible. There are several ways for parents to be involved:


Prospective parents can join the Membership of the School by becoming either a Full Member or an Associate Member of the School. The annual fee for Membership is set by the Board and is currently £10 per parent per year. Parents who are Christians and are active members of a church are eligible for Full Membership; Associate Membership is open to all. Full Members can vote in Annual General Meetings and in Special Meetings; Associate Members can participate in these meetings and have the right to be heard in all matters pertaining to the School, however they cannot vote. Full Members are eligible to serve on the Teachers and Parents Council and on the Board. Additionally, children of Full Members have priority over Associate Members when assigning places in the School; Associate Members have priority over non-members. For more information about membership, please see the Constitution. To apply for membership, fill in the Application form at the end of the document and tick the appropriate option at the end of the form.

Practical Help

One of the financial strategies of Sunrise Christian School to keep the school fees low is inviting parents, who are able, to give their time and skills for the work of the school. This might be in connection with doing fundraising work, sitting in as a Classroom Assistant, helping with clean-up at the end of the school day, etc.

Note: Parents who assist as Classroom Assistants will have to go through the Disclosure Checks.