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August 2017 Prayer Requests

The summer holidays are past and the new school year is full steam ahead. All children and teachers are refreshed after the break and are ready to learn and to teach to God’s glory.

Sunrise Christian School has much to be thankful for.
This month we have welcomed 2 new pupils, who are settling in nicely.
-We have new volunteers who are helping out with Art lessons (very grateful to our talented parents who are sacrificing their time)
-Grateful for the fundraising efforts of parents and their relatives. The table top sale organised by parents in August has raised £220.70! We would like to thank all who donated any items and personal time. Big thanks to Janneke’s dad, Jan, who established another personal record while cycling 170 km in one day, on his sponsored cycle for Sunrise!
-Special thanks to the Lord for the help which came from other organisations: Boyd Tunnock of Thomas Tunnock LTD, who kindly responded to our letter earlier in the summer and donated a £100.00 cheque (this will to go to parents and friend’s association funds). We were also delighted to hear back just last week from The Barrack Charitable Trust who responded to our small grant application and sent a cheque for £480.00 to be used towards the purchase of additional tablets for the children’s use.

The Lord has been gracious to our cause!
Please remember these requests in your Prayers:
Inverness as they seek to establish a Christian School
-A suitable building to come up to become permanent premises for our school where children and teachers may have ample space to work and play and grow as a school.
-More people to come to an increasing realisation of importance of Christian Education in our day.
-For the children and teachers alike, for the planting and nurturing of faith in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

June prayer requests

The last month of the school year has come. It has brought wonderful blessings of answered prayer!

Let us thank God for:
– Providing Mr Markoff, the teacher we have all been praying for, who is helping lead and guide the school through God’s grace.
– For all the people who are supporting Sunrise Christian School through monetary contributions and those who are giving their time as volunteers.
– The vision and commitment of the school Board for more Christian schools nation-wide.

Please pray for:
– A suitable building to be found to expand our school’s capacity and help to move forward with provision of much needed secondary Christian education.
– More successful fundraising events that we can enjoy together.
– The news of Sunrise Christian School to be spread far and wide around the country, and that more people understand the necessity of Christian education in our day.
– That Government legislation will not prevent the existence of Christian schools.

“Continue in prayer, and watch in it with thanksgiving;” Colossians 4:2.

The New Teacher

We are delighted to announce that the vacancy for a new teacher at our school has been very suitably filled! We are grateful for all who upheld the school in their prayers. The Lord hears our prayers and is so good to us!  Mr Samuel Markoff started in his new role on June the 5th 2017. Prior to coming to our school, he was Head Teacher at Lewis Independent Christian School in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis for five years where he was well loved and appreciated.

By way of continuing his professional development to acquire a PGDE in Primary education, he moved into Glasgow area with his family. Mr Markoff has over fourteen years teaching experience in a variety of settings and experience in school administration and curriculum development. He has qualifications in Education, Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature.

Our new Teacher has an excellent multi-cultural and linguistic background. He was a Coordinator and Educator for “Love’s Bridge” charity in Russia, working with former street children for three years. He also taught English and French as a second language at schools in Shanghai for nine years.

Mr Markoff continues to serve the Lord through his vocation now as  a teacher at Sunrise Christian School. Let us give thanks for our new teacher who will help take the school forward assisting us in the provision of Christian education for the pupils at Sunrise!

First impression from a P4 pupil about his new teacher: “He is nice. He is good at singing and he is tall!”

Easyfundraising update May 2017

Since we opened our cause with Easyfundraising, we have gained 80 supporters. The total sum that we raised together through this simple method since starting out is a smashing £789.52!

Our goal this year is to raise this total to  £1500. How can we achieve that? Let’s do simple maths.

In the last 30 days our cause has raised £43.66. To reach our goal of £1500, £710.48 is still to raise before December is finished. That is 7 months to go! It will take about £100 a month to reach our target. Continue reading Easyfundraising update May 2017

May 2017 Prayer Requests

The last term of the school year has come and we would like to express our gratitude to the Lord for all His goodness in our lives and specifically in His dealings with Sunrise Christian School. We are thankful for those who faithfully pray for the school near and far!,  Remember “…the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much,” James 5:16.

Please give thanks for:

          The hard work that Mrs Stewart and Mrs Campbell are putting in in the time of vacancy for the new head teacher Continue reading May 2017 Prayer Requests

April prayer requests

We are grateful to all who keep praying for our school. Your prayers have nourished the school and helped it grow and develop in the way the Lord has intended.

Please give thanks for:

·         The service that Mr McCollum has given to the school and the growth that the school has had in the last 2 years

·         All our supporters that make it possible for children to have affordable Christian education here in Glasgow Continue reading April prayer requests

March prayer requests

We really appreciate all the prayers and support from all our friends. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and spread the word to others.

Give thanks for:

  • the progress we’re seeing in each of the pupils as they learn and develop.
  • prospective families visiting the school and new supporters expressing interest.
  • a successful Open Day with new contacts.
  • our Board making wise decisions for the good of the school.
  • a new administrator and new classroom assistants.

Please pray for:

  • a new head teacher to replace Mr McCollum once he leaves to become a minister in Stornoway.
  • a new building so that we can continue to have spaces for new pupils.
  • all our pupils to have faith in Christ and live their lives to His glory.
  • wisdom for those considering Christian education for their children.

December Prayer Requests

Thank you for every person who prays for us. We really appreciate your prayers and see the Lord answering them in so many ways.

Give thanks for:
–the progress that has been made in developing the school.
-all those who volunteer to help the school in various ways. It is really encouraging to have an enthusiastic  team that is working together to advance the school. We have a harmonious working environment.
-how well the pupils are using their gifts and talents. This is demonstrated by the encouraging Parent-Teacher interviews.

Please pray for:
-a new building so that we can continue to expand at our current rate. We will soon outgrow our premises – a great problem to have!
-that all our pupils would receive a new heart and live a life honouring God.
-God to use us to labour in His kingdom.
-grace to finish the term well as we approach the winter holidays.
-wisdom for those considering Christian education for their children.

November Prayer Requests

We truly appreciate those who support us through prayer. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Give thanks for:
–a successful Reformation Day party and an informative school trip to Stirling. Give thanks that our pupils can learn about the history of God’s people in our land.
-the progress that our pupils have made in our first term. It is fantastic to see them developing in their gifts and knowledge.
-Rianne Meerkerk (a final year student teacher from the Driestar in the Netherlands) who has been studying with us and has been a big help already!
-our faithful classroom assistants who go the extra mile, even as volunteers.
-those around the world who are working to make our school a success.

Please pray for:
-the salvation of all our pupils, that they would receive a new heart and live a life honouring God.
-God to use our school that His kingdom might come and His will might be done.
-the provision of a new building so that we can continue to expand at our current rate.