Sunrise Christian School has high-standards for its teachers, as laid out in its Constitution. Not only are the teachers to be innovative educators but also of approved character with an innate ability to relate to children. All of the teachers of Sunrise Christian School are committed Christians, confessing Reformed theology.

Samuel Markoff (Principal Teacher)

Samuel Markoff has a Masters degree in Education with a focus on Applied Linguistics. He also holds a BA Hons degree in English Language and Literature and speaks French, Italian, Russian and Mandarin as well as a little German, Polish and Greek. Samuel has over fourteen years of teaching experience, most recently as the Head teacher of Lewis Independent Christian School in the Western Isles, where he taught for five years. Prior to that, Samuel taught English and French for nine years at international schools in Shanghai, China. Samuel has a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE Primary) and is registered with the General Teaching Council. Samuel is married with five children and is a member of Hamilton Baptist Church.

Anna Stewart (Teacher)

Anna Stewart is a member of the General Teaching Council and has ten years experience in Primary Education.  She has spent much of this time in the Gaelic Medium sector. She holds a degree in BSc Hons Chemistry and is a qualified Primary School Teacher. Anna helped to set up Lewis Independent Christian School together with her husband and others, in 1999. Anna is a parent of five children and the Sunday School Superintendent in Reformed Presbyterian Church in Glasgow. Anna teaches two days a week at Sunrise.

Danielle Campbell (Teacher)


Danielle Campbell is a member of the General Teaching Council. She holds a teaching diploma from the Hogeschool Driestar, a Christian university in Gouda, Netherlands. During her time at Driestar she worked as a teacher in a primary school. She has had three years experience teaching in a Reformed Christian primary school, one year working with pupils with learning and behavioural problems, and latterly eleven years in a special needs school, all in the Netherlands. Danielle is a member of St. Jude’s Free Presbyterian Church in Glasgow. Danielle is passionate for foreign missions  and has served five times in Africa, sometimes teaching up to 1000 children in a week. Danielle loves music and plays panpipes and the Western concert flute. Danielle is fluent in Dutch and English. Danielle teaches three days a week at Sunrise.

Christine Gillies (Supply Teacher and Classroom Assistant)


Christine Gillies is a qualified Primary School teacher. She studied French and Psychology in Glasgow University and has a postgraduate diploma in Dyslexia from Kingston University, London. She worked for three years as a classroom teacher, then for fifteen years as a Support for Learning teacher (part-time). She is married with three grown up sons and is a member in the Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Mrs Natalia Wall (school administrator)

Natalia Wall has a diploma in teaching English as a Foreign Language from Leningrad State University, Russia 2004. Natalia has worked as a manager at a travel agency in St Petersburg, Russia for 2 years. After she married in 2006 she moved to the UK and is a mum to her two sons. From 2012-2016 she worked as a qualified dental nurse and assisted in the administration of dental practice management. Natalia is a member of The Free Church of Scotland (continuing).

In addition to the staff detailed above, we have a number of volunteer classroom assistants with a range of experience and skills.