We offer a well-rounded curriculum taught from a Christian worldview that covers the main aims and learning objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence. Moreover, the School is modeled according to the school system of most of Europe where History, Geography and at least one foreign language are taught as separate subjects in primary years.



Below is the list of subjects taught each year along with some of the key resources used. If you would like detailed information about subjects and curriculum, please contact the School Administrator

P1-P2: English (Jolly Phonics/Grammar Series); Maths (Scottish Heinemann Maths); Biblical Studies (Christian Liberty Press); Gaelic; Music, Movement & Drama; Art, Craft & Design; Physical Education; and Environmental and Social Studies

P3: The above subjects plus Creation Science

P4-P7: The above subjects plus a modern language, World History, Geography

P7: The above subjects plus Faith & Science (Christian Apologetics)



For P1-P2 the estimated amount of homework assigned should come to about 15 minutes each day. For P3-P7 the estimated amount of time is 30 minutes each day; however certain projects might need more preparation time. It is to be expected that the time it takes to complete homework might vary from pupil to pupil as some may need more or less time to complete work than others.

Assessment and Reporting

Each subject has its own assessment procedures to ensure that pupils’ progress is observed and recorded regularly. A report card will be given to each pupil every six months. Parents will be given an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at parents’ evenings. Parents’ evenings will take place at least twice a year. Student records will be kept in the School and passed on to any school the child may attend after Sunrise.