What Do You Like About Sunrise?

Our P4-P7 classes shared some of the things they like about our school.

A few lessons that I love are History by Mr Fisher, PE, and Enterprise.


I enjoy History, PE, Gaelic, Greek, Enterprise, Writing, Music, Maths, and Faith and Science.


I like coming to our school because everyone is friends with each other and if you’re upset people will be nice to you. The classroom assistants and teachers are really friendly. I enjoy learning different languages and learning to play a musical instrument. We learn more about the Lord every day. It is sad that other people don’t get this opportunity.


I like that everyone is friends and that there are people from different countries and that you can meet more Christians. I like how we get to learn other subjects like Faith and Science and Greek. I like how there are new children wanting to join the school. The best thing about this school is that people don’t leave each other out but want to be friends.


I like Sunrise Christian School because I made a lot of new friends. My favourite subject is Art.


I like to go to Sunrise because I get to meet my friends and get to talk about new things. What I like about school is that I get to do Greek, Art, PE, and especially History.


I have fun on Fridays because we have loads of great things to do. Enterprise is another one of my favourite subjects. I like seeing my friends too.


I really love the fact that Sunrise is a Christian school and we learn the Catechism, Psalms, and Bible stories. A good thing about this school is that some people have been in other schools and have been bullied but aren’t in this school.


I like this school because everybody has friends and they all join in conversations.